Flexible and parallel rDME and SNG production ​

Demonstrating BUTTERFLY co-production from indirect gasification in an industrial environment, through the preparation of the appropriate infrastructure at GAYA platform and the start-up of the SEDMES unit downstream GAYA gasifier and upstream methanation at TRL 6 and at TRL7. ​

SEDMES connected to gasification

De-risking large-scale demonstration through lab-scale R&D and modelling activities, an evaluation of multiple feedstocks conversion, a first validation of the SEDMES process connected to gasification at TRL5 and experimental demonstration of Digital Twins and AI on the whole process. ​

Value chain optimization and digitalisation assessment

Assessing optimization and digitalisation of BUTTERFLY value chains performing LCA for rDME and SNG, modeling the the full conversion process, identifying energy-environmental-economic KPIs and developing a Digital Twin of the conversion process controlled by AI. ​

Market Identification and technology exploitation

Determining the most interesting markets for BUTTERFLY value chains application, throuh definition of user cases, assessment of products quality, implementation of an exploitation strategy and evaluation of business cases for further development of the project. ​

Dissemination and communication ​

Ensuring efficiency of the measures to maximise BUTTERFLY impacts through key stakeholder mapping, dissemination of project results via social channels, publications, events, webinars and elaborating exploitation paths for project outcomes. ​

Project Management ​

Assuring proper assignment and management of all resources (both human and financial) to achieve the project goals. Implementing the correct procedures and responsibilities for the effective execution of the project.​