Flexible and efficient coproduction of clean fuels for hard-to-decarbonize sectors

Enabling energy and material transition towards 2030 and beyond.

Advanced and renewable fuels are key for reaching the goals of the EU Green Deal


Share of renewable energy in final energy consumption by 2030 introduced by the revised Renewable Energy Directive. ​


Target for advanced biofuels and renewable fuels of non-biological origin in in the transport sector by 2030.​


Share of hydrogen used in industry to be derived from renewable fuels of non-biological origin by 2030

Butterfly is a Horizon Europe project that aims to:

Produce advanced biofuels and renewable fuels from waste and residual feedstocks

Demonstrate an innovative, efficient and flexible co-production process

Assess sustainability, define new value chains and business cases

BUTTERFLY value chain

Process Integration

Integration of indirect gasification, sorption-enhanced DME synthesis (SEDMES) combined with downstream methanation​


Improve feedstock-to-fuel conversion efficiency by 15%​

Achieve up to 97% carbon fixation efficiency in final products

Exploit synergy between rDME and SNG production

By valorizing waste and residual streams BUTTERFLY circular value chains will contribute to the climate-neutral energy priorities of the European Union


Butterfly Press Release

BUTTERFLY is a new EU funded project that delivers a circular, cost-effective and flexible production process of advanced biofuels and renewable fuels, targeting the off-grid energy supply, the steel industry and heavy-duty transport.